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Long Term Care Insurance Central welcomes you!Long Term Care Insurance Central is an American family-owned and operated insurance agency first established in 1988. Beginning as a multi-product insurance marketer, by 1995 we changed our focus to solely include Long Term Care Insurance and Assisted Care products. We are specialists in this industry, and have dedicated our resources to helping both consumers and brokers.

Since establishing a foothold in the Long Term Care Insurance industry over 10 years ago, we have been dedicated to educating consumers. In fact, education is the very cornerstone of our business. And because we represent a number of well-established Long Term Care Insurance companies, you can be assured that your needs will be met precisely, and at the lowest possible cost.

Over the years, we have helped to deliver millions of dollars worth of benefits to our clients, and will continue to pursue the edicts of our mission statement: "Building Trust Through Pursuit Of Superior Customer Service" throughout this new millennium.
Throughout this website, we have done our best to answer many questions surrounding Long Term Care Insurance. We do, however, encourage you to contact us directly with questions.

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